Intercity Bus Route from Morris to Alexandria

Want to go to Alexandria?

We’ll get you there, and more! Ride Rainbow Rider on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, connecting you directly from the Morris campus to Alexandria and thousands of other destinations.

When can I go?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Morris Departures                                    Alexandria Arrivals

7:00am                                                        8:15am
1:15pm                                                          2:30pm
6:00pm                                                        7:15pm

Alexandria Departures                             Morris Arrivals

10:30am                                                       11:45am
3:45pm                                                        5:00pm
10:00pm                                                       11:15pm

How much is it?

If you’re just going to Alexandria, you can purchase your ticket on the bus for just $4 to $6 cash each way.

If you’re going to Fargo, St. Cloud, Minneapolis, Bismarck, or points beyond, purchase your ticket at

Where is the bus stop?

We pick up/drop off on the Morris campus between the Student Center and the Multi-Ethnic Resource Center. In Alexandria, we meet the Jefferson Lines bus at the Alexandria Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop at 3181 Evergreen Lane. We also take you directly to other locations in Alexandria – call us at 1-800-450-7770 to schedule your ride.