Volunteer Driver Program

Rainbow Rider offers a volunteer driver program for people who are unable to use the bus or who need transportation out of the Minnesota six-county area of Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, Todd, and Traverse. Ride arrangements for the volunteer driver program can be made up to three months in advance.

Volunteer drivers travel every day of the year anywhere you need to go!

Rainbow Rider volunteer drivers are unpaid volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to helping others. These volunteers use their own vehicles to provide transportation and are reimbursed for their mileage.
Rainbow Rider volunteer drivers are subject to criminal background checks and annual motor vehicle record checks. All drivers have good driving records and must annually provide proof of insurance.
The round trip fare for the Rainbow Rider volunteer driver program is based on an actual cost recovery formula. (Aides for passengers needing assistance travel at no charge.) Some assistance is available for people on Medical Assistance or for senior citizens. Ask your dispatcher for details at 1-800-450-7770.

Example: Alexandria, MN to St. Cloud, MN: 120 miles at .545 (may not reflect current IRS rate per mile) plus $10.00 (current administration fee) = $76.60.

Rainbow Rider volunteer drivers provide door-to-door service. Passengers needing additional assistance including scheduling appointments, filling out forms, getting dressed, etc. must provide their own aides. People using wheelchairs or scooters must be able to independently transfer themselves to the volunteer driver’s vehicle.

Volunteer Driver Ride Reservations and Information

Call 800-450-7770. The Rainbow Rider dispatch center is open Monday–Friday, 6 am – 5 pm The friendly staff at the dispatch center will help you make ride reservations or provide information on both the bus and volunteer driver programs.

Interested in becoming a Rainbow Rider Volunteer Driver

Call 800-450-7770 for a Volunteer Driver Application packet or click HERE to download.